Bedheim Castle, Sh/leep barn

Bedheim Castle, Sh/leep barn

How can one cultivate building culture in the countryside?

The castle and manor at Bedheim comprise a near-intact rural estate surrounded by a loose collection of different buildings that gradually transition into the surrounding landscape. A few years ago, the castle owner’s son moved back to the castle together with his family, and opened an architecture office with the aim of redeveloping the castle. Embracing the spirit of sharing, his aim is to establish, with friends and colleagues, a community-oriented place to live and work in the country. The castle will be restored to its former glory, and augmented with a new residential building, for which a new housing cooperative has been founded. In the process, the project will re-appraise the boundaries between the public, semi-private and private realm.

The existing agricultural initiatives will be expanded and made more economically viable through the development of a garden nursery, organised around communal and social principles. The experience and results of these developments will additionally feed back into the academic context and into the architectural discourse. The forthcoming ‘Bedheim Fireside Talks’ represent the beginning of a campaign for better quality rural architecture.

The first self-build project to be undertaken by the residents of Bedheim Castle is the conversion of a former outbuilding into the ‘Sch(l)afstall’. The two-storey building will be a space for events with kitchen and store room, and will also provide temporary lodgings for guests including the accompanying sanitary facilities. The building is a timber-frame construction made of locally-sourced wood and the exterior should be completed by winter 2017. The residents’ experience of the process of development and construction will be made available as an open-source resource. In March 2017, the IBA Advisory Board recommended promoting this sub-project to the status of an IBA Project.


Momentan keine Termine

Schloss 1
98630 Bedheim
Main Partners

Familie Kirfel-Rühle von Lilienstern 
mit den Schlossbewohnern Anika Gründer, Nikola Mayer, Erik van der Werf
und dem Förderverein Schloss Bedheim e.V. gem.


Tobias Haag

Project director

Phone +49 3643 5831-67