Erfurt, Tallinner Straße

Erfurt, Tallinner Straße

How will we live?

How we live is fundamental to human existence and as such also a fundamental aspect for the IBA Thüringen. In the 100-year history of the IBA exhibitions, housing projects have always played a central role. Houses and residential buildings of all kinds are defining for our built living environment. The future questions that the IBA Thüringen addresses – demographic change, financial conditions as well as the social dimension – all come together in this complex field.

The Kommunale Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Erfurt, the city’s municipal housing association, is planning the development of a fundamentally new approach to affordable multi-storey housing. Taking the the form of a modular system, it aims to provide a basis for affordable but also individually adaptable multi-storey social housing. Until now, none of the available solutions have been economically feasible and affordable for this income segment without requiring state subsidies. The project aims to develop new serially-producible housing for this segment at an industrial scale making use of currently available and future technical possibilities. In addition, the conditions need to be established for serial production at a commercially viable scale.

IBA Kandidat KoWo Erfurt erhält Fördermittel von über 400.000 Euro
24 February 2016

IBA Kandidat KoWo Erfurt erhält Fördermittel von über 400.000 Euro


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Tobias Haag

Project director
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