Häselburg, Gera

Gera, Häselburg

New uses for a former girls’ school: An independent cultural centre with global outlook

A former 19th century girls’ school in Gera’s city centre is gradually being converted into an international centre for art and culture. The Thüringer Landesmedienanstalt (TLM, Thuringian State Media Authority) and Gera Art School have already rented premises in the building, which also houses the New Gallery for Contemporary Art on the ground floor, run by Kultur in Mitteldeutschland (KIM, Culture in Central Germany), which owns the building.

The Häselburg is a model for the reactivation of disused existing buildings. It provides a new location for expanding and enhancing the pro le of cultural activities in Gera and East Thuringia. Burkhard Schlothauer, musician and musicologist, lives in Gera and is managing director of KIM. His goal is to provide both space and potential for the independent cultural scene in Gera to ourish. In January 2020, his wife, the art and cultural historian Dr Claudia Tittel, became head of the City of Gera’s Cultural Department and has resolved to transform Gera’s cultural profile.


Momentan keine Termine

Florian-Geyer-Straße 15
07545 Gera
Main Partners

KIM Kultur in Mitteldeutschland gGmbH

Involved in Planning Process
  • Thomas Laubert, architect Gera 
IBA Project Coordination

Dr. Bertram Schiffers
Project director
Telefon +49 3643 90088-14