Leubinger Fürstenhügel, Motorway Services

Leubinger Fürstenhügel, Motorway Services

Building culture for mobility

In the immediate vicinity of an important archaeological site from the early Bronze Age, a new concept for a modern motorway service station is being built at ‘Leubinger Fürstenhügel’ on the A71 motorway.

In 2014, the DEGES, the United Germany Highways Planning and Construction Agency, in cooperation with the IBA Thüringen, announced an interdisciplinary design competition for the design of the motorway service station. The competition procedure, which is rare for service areas but represents an important step towards improving the architectural quality of infrastructure facilities, invited entries from interdisciplinary teams of architects, landscape architects and communications designers. The prizewinning design embeds the ensemble of services buildings in the context of the gently undulating hilly landscape and its historical background.

As the concession holder, Shell Oil Germany will operate the motorway services for a period of approximately 30 years. From 2020 onwards, a stopover at the motorway services on the A71 promises to be a new, memorable experience.


Momentan keine Termine

Competition organiser on behalf of the Free State of Thuringia

Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH; DEGES Projektleiterin Britta Sauter

Contact person 

Ulrike Rothe

Project director

Phone +49 3643 90088-12