Schwarzatal, Rottenbach Railway Station

Schwarzatal, Rottenbach Railway Station

A situation typical of many rural areas is that while the trains till run, the station building is no longer open. Königsee-Rottenbach in the traditional holiday region of thSchwarzatal is no different: tourists are greeted by the forlorn prospect of a defunct railway station.

The municipality of Rottenbach plans to change this: after purchasing their railway station, they have begun renovating and converting it to serve as a new ‘Gateway to the Schwarzatal’. When completed, the station building will be run by a cooperative as a shop selling local produce to the local community. At the same time, visitors will be able to savour regional produce on arriving in the Schwarzatal. In addition, the square in front of the railway station will become a transport hub linking bus, train, car and bicycle transport – an interchange between regional and local transport networks. The design and materials of the public transport facilities take cues from the landscape of the surroundings, using regional materials and landscaped islands that look like small farm gardens.

By shopping at the station shop, the people of Rottenbach and its neighbouring municipalities create a regional cycle of supply and demand. They strengthen the local economy and identity and in turn contribute to making the Schwarzatal an attractive place to live and to spend one’s holidays.


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Bahnhof Rottenbach
Am Bahnhof
07422 Rottenbach

· Stadt Königsee-Rottenbach
· Genossenschaft BahnHofladen Rottenbach e. G.


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