Seltenrain Region, Landengel

Seltenrain Region, Landengel

Cooperative health care in rural areas

The association Landengel e.V. is establishing a networking platform together with various partners to provide cooperative healthcare, nursing and support services across several municipalities in the rural Seltenrain region.

The association’s aim is not just to provide health services, but also to counteract social isolation and to foster economically-viable systems for healthcare, care for the elderly and social welfare in rural areas. The concept encompasses a range of approaches including telemedicine, mobile nurses, services by citizens for citizens and, since 2019, a mobile support worker for the six communities of the region. Together with its partners, the association is developing a central rural outpatient clinic as a base for these programmes with all important services under one roof as well as several small, decentralised ‘health kiosks’ as local provision points in the surrounding communities. For optimum accessibility, these are located at the bus stops in the respective local communities and are not just for health care, but also offer space for senior citizens to meet, for skateboarding sessions, for the local youth parliament, general village gossip and as a station for mobile services such as bakers, butchers or savings banks.

The Seltenrain region is becoming a model for care provision in rural areas and shows that in times of shifting demographics, it is still possible, with the help of committed participants, to provide good services for a better quality of life in rural areas.


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