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How would the Bauhaus do things today?

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Urban design model from the ‘Neues Bauen am Horn’ architecture competition. Design proposal by Luigi Snozzi.

The 100
House for Students in Weimar

The 100

The IBA Candidate ‘The 100. Student Housing Am Horn in Weimar’ takes an experimental approach to housing with particular focus on Baukultur and architectural quality. The project is a collaboration between the Studentenwerk Thüringen (the Thuringian Student Union) and the Stiftung Baukultur in Thuringia.

The name ‘The 100’ alludes to the intention to fully reconcile – to 100% – the needs of communal living for students with the building and running of such a building. As such, the project addresses aspects such as floor plan arrangement, material usage, rational construction methods and energy-efficiency. A research project will monitor the development of the IBA Candidate. The aim is to involve students in the design and building process through an innovative, participatory approach that unites functional requirements with highly-innovative technical and technological means to achieve a carbon-neutral end result.

Through its proximity to Georg Muche’s ‘Haus am Horn’, the first built work of the Bauhaus in 1923, and the approaching 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus in 2019, the model project builds on the legacy of the Bauhaus.


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Tobias Haag

Project director
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