Apolda, Eiermannbau

Apolda, Eiermannbau

Open Factory: Collective reactiva­tion of a disused architectural icon

Together with the town of Apolda and the LEG Thüringen State Development Agency, the IBA Thüringen is developing proposals for four separate vacant brownfield sites. All lie in the direct vicinity of the railway station, are between one and two hectares large and were originally production sites. These and other vacant and disused properties in the town negatively impact on the image of Apolda. For the project partners, however, these vacant properties represent an opportunity as resources with potential for redevelopment and reprogramming. Given the continuing lack of investment and the low demand for sizeable space in Apolda, the usual standards and approaches to redeveloping vacant properties need to be reconsidered. The IBA-led project developments in Apolda aim to make a lasting and stabilising contribution to the future development of the town and its 23,000 inhabitants, which has a long history of textile and knitwear production. Its proximity to the two university towns of Weimar and Jena epitomises the polycentric nature of the network of towns and cities in Thuringia, making it an ideal StadtLand model project. The cultural, ecological and architectural richness of these towns represents the capital and basis for new forms of creating value and benefitting society.

The fire extinguisher factory that existed on the site since the late 1930s closed in 1994. In early 2016, the IBA began an own initiative to develop ideas for its use. In an intensive activation and participation process, a feasibility study and overall concept for the site was developed entitled ‘Open Factory’, based on preceding projects as part of the IBA Campus and IBA ‘LeerGut:ReProgramming’ Conference in 2016. In future, the Eiermannbau will unite craftsmanship and production with education and networking as well as art and culture. The site is owned by the GESA.


Momentan keine Termine

Auenstraße 11
99510 Apolda

Katja Fischer

Project director
Phone +49 3644 51832-11