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  • Apolda, Eiermannbau
    • Open Factory eng.

      Open factory!

      The IBA first began using the vacant Eiermannbau in Apolda as a provisional studio, exhibition space and artists’ residence in summer 2016. In May 2018 we moved into the Eiermannbau and have embarked on developing the IBA project as an Open Factory. If you need a work space, a studio space or just a cool location, just contact us! kontakt@open-factory.de


      Die Open Factory bietet Gemeinschaft und Individualität gleichermaßen. Sie spricht vor allem solche Nutzerinnen und Nutzer an, die über ihr eigenes Unternehmen hinaus eine kreative Nachbarschaft suchen und aktiv daran mitwirken wollen.
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    • Open IBA engl.

      International Building Exhibitions (IBA) have existed for over 100 years. They are planning and building experiments with an impact that extends far beyond their own time. While the first IBAs broke new ground with their built architecture, IBAs have changed substantially since then: Today, they are exhibitions of building culture that increasingly incorporate complex social, economic and ecological aspects, in addition to aesthetic and technological matters.

      Stakeholders from former and current IBAs formed the IBA meets IBA Network. The Network presents its experience, the history from 1901 until the present day and a selection of model projects on this website. All content is also available as an exhibition (Open IBA) that can be used as a free resource.