18 May 2016 - 18:00

6. BUGA-Dialog
Der Petersberg in Erfurt

Das Dialogformat der Bundesgartenschau BUGA Erfurt 2021 beschäftigt sich mit dem Erfurter Petersberg und dessen weiterer Planung. Thematisiert werden unter anderem der Aufstieg zum Petersberg und die Nutzung von Freiflächen und Gebäuden. Teil der Planung ‚Vision Petersberg’ ist auch der IBA Kandidat ‚Ein Wallgucker für Erfurt’. Beim 6. BUGA-Dialog wird Ulrike Rothe, Projektleiterin der IBA Thüringen, als Ansprechpartnerin zur Verfügung stehen.

Weitere Informationen: http://www.buga2021.de

Atrium der Stadtwerke Erfurt
Magdeburger Allee 34
99086 Erfurt
Erfurt, Petersberg

How can we mark the middle of Thuringia?

Erfurt, Petersberg

Erfurt, Petersberg

Inspired by the technical and artistic notion of an ‘urban periscope’, an elevator in a wider sense is planned for Petersberg that provides a special experience – a view out over the wall of the citadel, for the eye and the mind. The Petersberg lies not only in the heart of Erfurt but also in the centre of Thuringia. It marks a spot where we can reflect on the nature of Thuringia and its two poles: the town and the country. With its historically-significant church, the Peterskirche, as a focal point for Thuringian history, and its military barracks, it represents an opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future.

An intensive process of discussion involving the citizens of Erfurt and experts from diverse fields will be initiated to identify the significance of the location of the Petersberg with a view to unlocking its intellectual and cultural potential, broadening horizons and raising receptiveness towards exceptional, experimental and innovative solutions. The holding of an ideas design competition has been put forward as a way of elaborating concrete proposals. The periscope also represents an opportunity to rediscover and reclaim the Petersburg for Erfurt as part of the BUGA 2021 Federal Horticultural Show.


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Ulrike Rothe

Project director

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